CIO Summit Middle East

Middle Eastern CIOs Driving Business Growth with New Technology Adoption

As many businesses in the Middle East are building businesses with an eye toward not only regional but global growth, technology is playing a larger role than ever in organizations' advancements in the market. CIOs in the Middle East have quickly learned that customer experience is the area where investments in technology can pay dividends in growing a loyal client base, locally and globally. More and more, technology is being seen as a business enabler across the enterprise and a source of innovation and growth for the organization.

Technologies such as business intelligence and analytics have seen marked growth and, more recently, have been combined with other technologies in order to develop innovative new ways to achieve goals within the organization. But the adoption of new technology doesn't stop there. CIOs in the Middle East are identifying areas of improvement within the enterprise with the use of cloud computing, mobility, social media and more. As technology continues to be the industry that enterprises are relying upon to create exponential growth in their organizations, the competition is heating up. Business executives that see the power technology has in creating opportunity for their organization and their country are those growing most quickly.

CIOs in this rapidly growing region will gather to discuss the way they've used IT to transform the way the enterprise functions and grows at the CIO Summit Middle East. This event will provide a collaborative, intimate environment where solutions will be found, and common technology problems of a Middle East CIO will be at the forefront of the conversation. Find out how you can join us at this exciting gathering!

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